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Femoral ring

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Latin  Anulus femoralis
TA  A04.7.03.014
Dorlands /Elsevier  a_50/12143696
FMA  77263
Femoral ring

The femoral ring is the base of the femoral canal. It is directed upward and is oval in form, its long diameter being directed transversely and measuring about 1.25 cm. Part of the intestine can sometimes pass through the femoral ring into the femoral canal causing a femoral hernia.


The femoral ring is bounded as follows:

  • anteriorly by the inguinal ligament.
  • posteriorly by the pectineal ligament.
  • medially by the crescentic base of the lacunar ligament.
  • laterally by the fibrous septum on the medial side of the femoral vein.
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