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Farrukhi Sistani

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Name  Farrukhi Sistani
Role  Poet
Died  1037, Ghazni, Afghanistan

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Abul Hasan Ali ibn Julugh Farrukhi Sistani (Persian: ابوالحسن علی بن جولوغ فرخی سیستانی‎‎) (c. 980 – 1037 or 1038) was a 10th- and 11th-century Persian royal poet of Ghaznavids.

Farrukhi Sistani Farrukhi Sistani History of East Africa

As an ethnic Persian, he was one of the brightest masters of the panegyric school of poetry in the court of Mahmud of Ghazni. He started his career by writing a qasideh called 'With a Caravan of Fine Robes' (in Persian: با کاروان حله) and presented it to Asa'ad Chaghani, the vizier of Saffarid king of Sistan. This poem was so beautiful and masterful that Farrokhi was admitted to the court. Here is the opening line:

The next day when the king went to his ranch where he used to party and brand his new young horses. The vizier described to Farrukhi the setting of branding of horses. Farrokhi went home and based on the descriptions and without seeing the actual scene, wrote a new poem called 'Branding Place' (in Persian: داغگاه). The next morning he went back to the vizier and recited the poem. Vizier was so impressed that immediately took Farrokhi to the king. When this poem was recited to the king, he was so impressed that he gave 40 young horses to Farrokhi as gift. The opening line is:

Farrokhi was also a master in music and could play barbat and had a nice voice and could sing too. He later moved to the court of Ghaznavids, first Mahmud and then his son, Masud.

Farrokhi's divan of 9000 verses survived. He died in 1037 or 1038 CE.


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