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Falkland Islands general election, 2001

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Falkland Islands general election, 2001

The Falkland Islands general election of 2001 was held on Thursday 22 November 2001 to elect members to the Legislative Council through universal suffrage using block voting. Chief Executive Michael Blanch acted as Chief Counting Officer.

The election took place on the same day as the referendum on merging Stanley and the Camp into a single electoral constituency elected by proportional representation.

At the start of the campaign the Democratic Association, one of the only political parties in the history of the Falkland Islands, had suggested it would field as many as eight candidates. However, all candidates in the election stood as nonpartisans. The Democratic Association strongly opposed the 1999 Treaty allowing Argentine Nationals to visit the Falklands.

Referendum results

The question posed by the referendum was:

Do you agree that there should be a SINGLE CONSTITUENCY for the Falkland Islands, with a new voting system for proportional representation?


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