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Faces of Death VI

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Director  John Alan Schwartz
Genres  Documentary, Horror
Country  United States
2.6/10 IMDb

Film series  Faces of Death
Language  English
Faces of Death VI movie poster

Release date  1996
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Faces of Death VI is a 1996 direct-to-video compilation of the highlights of the earlier films in the Faces of Death series. It features many of the same scenes shown in Faces of Death 1 and 4, as well as the earlier compilation Faces of Death V. It begins without any opening credits, before recycling (for the third time) the sequence from Faces of Death involving the killing of a monkey which is then prepared and served to patrons of a gourmet restaurant. Also shown for the second time are the staged heart-ripping scene by African natives and the "head in a box" scene, both taken from Faces of Death IV. John Alan Schwartz's cameo as the leader of the flesh eating cult, as well as "The encapsulation of Samuel Berkowitz" are also featured again, and the final credits are those from Faces of Death.

Faces of Death VI movie scenes

Faces of Death VI exists in 3 distinct versions:

Faces of Death VI movie scenes

1. The widest-known version is the one that was released "unofficially" by Gorgon Video in the U.S. It features the artwork from part four reversed. It contains clips mostly from parts one and four, and has the opening credits from part one. This is the version of Faces of Death 6 that was released to buy or rent on video in the U.S.

2. The second is a nearly extinct mail-order only version (which Fangoria possibly offered in the back of old issues) that is no longer available. Most outlets online with Faces of Death 6 to download carry this version. It features a different narrator, all different footage and the title screen reads "FACES OF DEATH" and then the word "SIX" slowly becomes imposed over the text. As stated on various sites, this version is extremely washed out. Most of the scenes are almost completely white and unwatchable. It should also be noted that at the very end of this version the "Gorgon Video" bumper begins to play but is suddenly cut off.

3. The third version is part of the German version of the series. It is titled Gesichter Des Todes VI and was released on DVD in Germany in German with no English option. This version is reportedly all different footage, with a German narrator. However, it is possible it is just a different "death" film re-titled. Possibly Faces of Death: The Millennium Edition, as the images on the back of the Gesichter Des Todes VI DVD are from some of the same footage found on Faces of Death: Millennium. Source: [1]


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