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Expedition to Canton

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966 troops 6 ships

Expedition to Canton

No casualties
No casualties 879 guns captured

The Expedition to Canton was a British punitive expedition that captured the forts along the Pearl River, Guangdong province, China, on 2–3 April 1847. Beginning at the Humen strait (Bogue), the British captured the forts leading up to the city of Canton (Guangzhou). The operation was in response to British subjects being attacked by the Chinese near Canton. Hong Kong Governor John Davis demanded redress from Chinese Commissioner Keying. Unsatisfied with his reply, Davis ordered Major-General George D'Aguilar, commander-in-chief of British forces in China, to seize the forts approaching Canton and to prepare for an attack on the city in order to force reparations on the spot. The forts were captured but Canton was spared after Keying agreed to punish the culprits and allow entry into the city.


On the afternoon of 1 April 1847, D'Aguilar received communication from Davis with orders to proceed to Canton with force. At midnight, the following forces were embarked:

  • HMS Vulture – 427 troops, 18th Royal Irish Regiment
  • HMS Espiegle – 149 troops, 42nd Regiment Madras Native Infantry
  • East India Company steamer Pluto – 280 troops, 42nd Regiment
  • Hired armed steamer Corsair – 110 troops, 18th Regiment
  • Hired lorcha No. 1 – Armed as a gunboat, detachment of Royal Artillery with ordnance stores
  • Hired lorcha No. 2 – Detachment of Royal Sappers and Miners with tools, scaling ladders, and other materials
  • British operations began with the capture of the Bogue forts. Listed are the number of ordnance captured at each site:

  • Anunghoy Island – 208
  • North Wangtong Island – 150
  • South Wangtong Island – 109
  • Further up the Canton River past Whampoa Island, the British encountered a staked barrier and captured the following locations:

  • Pachow Fort – 64
  • Wookongtap Fort – 41
  • Napier's Island – 49
  • Whampoa Creek – 65
  • In the final phase, the British captured the forts outside the city of Canton:

  • French Folly – 38
  • Dutch Folly – 23
  • Rogue Fort – 26
  • Zigzag Battery – 20
  • Segment Battery – 30
  • Shameen Battery – 56
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