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Domain  Eukaryota
Division  Ochrophyta
Rank  Class
Superphylum  Heterokonta
Scientific name  Eustigmatophyceae
Eustigmatophyte httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Similar  Nannochloropsis, Yellow‑green algae, Raphidophyte, Heterokont, Pelagophyceae

Eustigmatophytes are a small group (12 genera; ~41 species) of eukaryotic algae that includes marine, freshwater and soil-living species.

All eustigmatophytes are unicellular, with coccoid cells and polysaccharide cell walls. Eustigmatophytes contain one or more yellow-green chloroplasts, which contain chlorophyll a and the accessory pigments violaxanthin and β-carotene. Eustigmatophyte zoids (gametes) possess a single or pair of flagella, originating from the apex of the cell. Unlike other heterokontophytes, eustigmatophyte zoids do not have typical photoreceptive organelles (or eyespots); instead an orange-red eyespot outside a chloroplast is located at the anterior end of the zoid.

Ecologically, eustigmatophytes occur as photosynthetic autotrophs across a range of systems. Most eustigmatophyte genera live in freshwater or in soil, although Nannochloropsis contains marine species of picophytoplankton (2 → 4 μm).

The class was erected to include some algae previously classified in the Xanthophyceae.


  • Class Eustigmatophyceae Hibberd & Leedale 1970
  • Order Eustigmatales Hibberd 1981
  • Family Loboceae Hegewald 2007
  • Genus Pseudotetraëdriella Hegewald & Padisák 2007
  • Family Chlorobothryaceae Pascher 1925
  • Genus Chlorobotrys Bohlin 1901
  • Family Monodopsidaceae Hibberd 1981
  • Genus Microchloropsis Fawley, Jameson & Fawley 2015
  • Genus Monodopsis Hibberd 1981
  • Genus Nannochloropsis Hibberd 1981
  • Family Pseudocharaciopsidaceae Lee & Bold ex Hibberd 1981
  • Genus Botryochloropsis Preisig & Wilhelm 1989
  • Genus Pseudocharaciopsis Lee & Bold 1973
  • Genus Ellipsoidion Pascher 1937
  • Family Eustigmataceae Hibberd 1981
  • Genus Pseudellipsoidion Neustupa & Nemková 2001
  • Genus Pseudostaurastrum Chodat 1921
  • Genus Eustigmatos Hibberd 1981
  • Genus Vischeria Pascher 1938
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