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European Parliament election, 1979 (Netherlands)

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7 June 1979  1984 →
10 / 25  9 / 25
2,017,743  1,722,240
Turnout  58.12%
9 / 25  4 / 25
1,722,240  914,787
European Parliament election, 1979 (Netherlands)

The European Parliament election of 1979 in the Netherlands was the election of MEP representing Netherlands constituency for the 1979–1984 term of the European Parliament. It was part of the wider 1979 European election. It was held on June 7, 1979. Ten parties competed in a D'Hondt type election for 25 seats.


Combined lists

No parties formed a combined list for this election.

Electoral alliances

Two parties formed an electoral alliance:

  1. PvdA/European Social-Democrats and PPR

Voting right

These people got right to vote in this first election for the European Parliament in 1979 in the Netherlands:

  • Everyone who was allowed to vote in the Dutch parliament elections;
  • Dutch who are resident in other Member States and did not already have voting rights for the Dutch Parliament elections;
  • Subjects of one of the other Member States which have residence in the Netherlands. Provided that the state of which they are from granted the same.
  • Dutch political parties

    Four parties were able to win seats: the conservative liberal VVD, the progressive liberal D66, the Christian-democratic CDA and the social-democratic Labour Party. Five other nationally represented parties compete but are unable to win seats. 58.12% of the Dutch population turned out on election day.

    Elected Members

    Christian Democratic Appeal

    1. Bouke Beumer (top candidate)
    2. Elise Boot
    3. Frans van der Gun
    4. Jim Janssen van Raaij
    5. Sjouke Jonker
    6. Hanja Maij-Weggen
    7. Harrij Notenboom
    8. Jean Penders
    9. Teun Tolman
    10. Wim Vergeer

    Dutch Labour Party

    1. Wim Albers
    2. Bob Cohen
    3. Piet Dankert
    4. Annie Krouwel-Vlam
    5. Johan van Minnen
    6. Hemmo Muntingh
    7. Anne Vondeling (top candidate)
    8. Eisso Woltjer
    9. Ien van den Heuvel-de Blank

    People's Party for Freedom and Democracy

    1. Cees Berkhouwer (top candidate)
    2. Aart Geurtsen
    3. Hendrik Jan Louwes
    4. Hans Nord

    Democrats 66

    1. Suzanne Dekker
    2. Aar de Goede (top candidate)

    MEPs period 1979-1984

    Below is a complete list of members of the European Parliament for the period 1979–1984 as a result of this election.


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