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Eucalyptus laeliae

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Myrtaceae
Scientific name  Eucalyptus laeliae
Rank  Species
Order  Myrtales
Genus  Eucalyptus
Higher classification  Gum trees
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Similar  Gum trees, Eucalyptus megacarpa, Eucalyptus olsenii, Eucalyptus accedens, Eucalyptus eremophila

Eucalyptus laeliae, Darling Range ghost gum is a small to medium-sized tree occurring only on the western side of the Darling Range, particularly the western scarp, in Western Australia.

The bark is smooth, powdery, usually white but in autumn, butter yellow.

Adult leaves are stalked, alternate, lanceolate or falcate to 17 x 2.5 cm, concolorous, and dull green.

White flowers appear in summer.


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