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Eucalyptus cretata

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Myrtaceae
Scientific name  Eucalyptus cretata
Order  Myrtales
Genus  Eucalyptus
Rank  Species
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Similar  Eucalyptus angustissima, Eucalyptus angophoroides, Eucalyptus cunninghamii, Eucalyptus copulans, Eucalyptus dura

Eucalyptus cretata, Darke Peak mallee, is a mallee or, rarely, a small tree restricted to the upper Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, particularly near Darke Peak and Carrapee Hill.

The bark is smooth, grey over coppery underbark, shedding in ribbons, branchlets are shiny red or brownish green, glaucous, buds and fruit is glaucous.

Adult leaves are stalked, alternate, lanceolate, to 15 x 3 cm, concolorous, slightly glossy and dark green.

White flowers appear in mid summer.


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