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Kingdom  Animalia
Suborder  Lacertilia
Scientific name  Eublepharinae
Higher classification  Geckos
Clutch size  Coleonyx brevis: 1 – 2
Order  Squamata
Infraorder  Gekkota
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Subfamily
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Lower classifications  Leopard gecko, African fat‑tailed gecko, Eublepharis, Coleonyx, Coleonyx elegans

The Eublepharinae are one of five subfamilies of the Gekkonidae, or geckos. The Eublepharinae subfamily has 27 species in five genera. Also called eyelid geckos, the eublepharines have more primitive features than other geckos. In particular, their feet lack the modifications that allow most other geckos to climb sheer surfaces. Unlike other geckos, they also have movable eyelids. They are nocturnal lizards, often preying on insects and similar creatures. They lay a pair of leathery eggs, and, in at least some species, the sex of the young is determined by the temperature of incubation, as in crocodiles.

The subfamily contains the following genera:

  • Coleonyx (seven species)
  • Eublepharis (five species)
  • Goniurosaurus (11 species)
  • Hemitheconyx (two species)
  • Holodactylus (two species)
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