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Etsako West

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Country  Nigeria
Time zone  WAT (UTC+1)
State  Edo State
Etsako West

Etsako West is a Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Auchi. Etsako West is made up of four clans; Uzairue, Auchi, South Ibie, Awain clan and Agbede. The major towns in this LGA includes Auchi, Jattu, Agbede,Ughioli, Iyamoh, Jagbe and Awain clan{ Ewora,Idegun, Ama,Ibhioba}.

The Agbede's were originally the makers of the artifacts that are seen in Benin. There was a threatened elimination of the Agbede's in Benin, which led to the evacuation of the Agbede people from the Benin Kingdom, this happened as a result of the fact that they were accused of "treason".

The Oba of Agbede is a FIRST CLASS OBA in Edo State. Agbede is one of the great Kingdoms in Edo State after Benin Kingdom. This is on record.

Oba Momodu l or (Oba of Ayuele)was the first Muslim Oba of Agbede, not just Agbede but in the South South region in general. He brought Islam to that region. And it is from Agbede that Islam spread across the entire region

Below is the history of Agbede Oba throne.

THE ORDER OF SUCCESSION TO THE THRONE OF AGBEDE The first Oba of Agbede was known as Uroko; at his death he was succeeded by his son Akhineme; Akhineme was succeeded by his son Oribheko; Oribheko was succeeded by his son Ofuede; Ofuede was succeeded by his son Atebheda; Atebheda was succeeded by his ninth son Azemokhai who was very famous and powerful. Azemokhai was succeeded by his son Omoaka; Omoka was succeeded by his son Emokpare (1874 – 1881); Emokpare was succeeded by his son Oba Momodu I (1891 – 1910); Oba Momodu l, was succeeded by his son Oba Ahmedu (1910 – 1919); Oba Ahmedu was succeeded by his father’s uncle, Oba Yesufu (1919 – 1925); Oba Yesufu was the son of Omoaka. Oba Yesufu was succeeded by Oba Abdulai who was brother to Oba Momodu l (1925 – 1944), Oba Abdulai was succeeded by Oba Momodu II, the son of Oba Momodu I (1944 – 1958), and Oba Momodu II was succeeded by Oba Momoh Sani Momodu. Oba Momoh Sani Momodu is still reigning.

The Royal family is today known as Afatebheda.

Oba Momodu the 1st of Agbede, who was not educated, but was assumed or endowed with the knowledge of various Languages who was also the first Muslim King in the area now known as Edo State, could speak many languages even though he had no schooling in these tongues. It is said that he began to pray and act like a Muslim, years before he came across Nupe and Hausa mallams in his community.

Oba Momodu the 1st who ruled from 1891-1910 was unique in many ways, so say the accounts. He was the Oba of Agbede in Edo State, and could speak countless languages. But he was never taught any of these tongues, some of which were European languages. This has both puzzled and impressed many people over the years.

It has an area of 946 km² and a population of 197,609 at the 2006 census. It also has the Prestigious Federal Polytechnic attended by students all over the state. The postal code of the area is 312.


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