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Ethylenediamine dihydroiodide

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Abbreviations  EDDI
Molar mass  315.92 g/mol
Formula  C2H10I2N2
Ethylenediamine dihydroiodide wwwsodiumiodidenetimagesETHYLENEDIAMINEDIHYDR
Appearance  Colorless to light yellow crystalline powder

Ethylenediamine dihydroiodide uses reviews side effects and contraindications

Ethylenediamine dihydriodide (EDDI) is a water-soluble salt derived from ethylenediamine and hydroiodic acid. It is a colorless to light yellow crystalline powder. The salt consists of the ethylenediammonium dication C2H4(NH3)22+ and iodide anions.



EDDI is used as an additive in pet food and cattle feed with high bioavailability. Used to prevent iodine deficiency, this salt is one of the major uses of the element iodine. The United States Food and Drug Administration suggests a limit of intake to 50 mg/head/day. Although EDDI is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) only as a nutrient source of iodine, administration of EDDI also has preventative effects on foot rot in cattle.

Other iodine supplements for animal feed include calcium iodate (most stable) and potassium iodide.


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