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Ethnic groups in Cameroon

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Ethnic groups in Cameroon

Cameroon has an extremely heterogeneous population, consisting of approximately 250 ethnic groups. Cameroon Highlanders constitute the plurality at 38 percent of the total population. They include the Bamileke and the Bamoun. The coastal tropical forest peoples, including the Bassa, Douala, and many smaller entities account for about 12 percent of the population. In the southern tropical forest, ethnic groups include the Ewondo, Bulu, and Fang (all Beti subgroups), and the Maka and Pygmies (officially called Bakas). They account for about 18 percent of the population. The Fulani (Fula: Fulɓe; French: Peul or Peuhl) account for about 14 percent of the population and the Kirdi account for about 18 percent.


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