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Ethinylestradiol sulfonate

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Trade names  Turisteron
PubChem CID  68582
CAS Number  28913-23-7
ChemSpider  61851
Molar mass  402.5469 g/mol
Ethinylestradiol sulfonate
Routes of administration  Oral, intramuscular injection

Ethinylestradiol sulfonate (EES) (brand name Turisteron), also known as ethinylestradiol isopropylsulfonate or ethinylestradiol propanesulfate, as well as 17α-ethynyl-3-isopropylsulfonyloxyestradiol, is a synthetic, steroidal estrogen that is marketed in Germany. It is an ester of ethinylestradiol, and acts as a long-acting (half-life of six days), orally active depot form of the drug. EES is used in the treatment of advanced breast and prostate cancers. The drug is very potent (used clinically at a dosage of 1–2 mg weekly via intramuscular injection) and a powerful antigonadotropin, capable of suppressing circulating testosterone concentrations to levels comparable to those seen with castration (less than 1–3% of initial values). As such, EES is a strong functional antiandrogen.


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