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Erymanthos (river)

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Main source  Peloponnese
Length  50 km
Mouth  Alfeios
River mouth  Alfeios
Source  Peloponnese
Country  Greece
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Erymanthos (Greek: Ερύμανθος, Latin: Erymanthus) is a river in the western part of the Peloponnese in Greece. Its source is on the southern slope of the Mount Erymanthos, near the village Agrampela, Achaea. It flows towards the south through a rocky landscape and receives several small tributaries. The river flows into an area rich in pine trees and passes several small mountain villages including Tripotama. Beyond Tripotama it forms the border between Elis and Arcadia. It flows east of the Foloi oak forest. The river empties into the Alfeios 5 km west of the Ladon (river) confluence, near the village Tripotamia.


Map of Erymanthos, Greece

Places along the river

  • Plaka
  • Tripotama
  • Paralongoi
  • Achladini
  • Tripotamia
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