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Eriogonum davidsonii

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Polygonaceae
Scientific name  Eriogonum davidsonii
Rank  Species
Order  Caryophyllales
Genus  Eriogonum
Higher classification  Eriogonum
Eriogonum davidsonii
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Eriogonum davidsonii is a species of wild buckwheat known by the common name Davidson's buckwheat. This plant is native to the southwestern United States and northern Baja California, where it grows in sandy or gravelly soils in a variety of habitats. It is a spindly annual herb growing up to 40 centimeters in height. The fuzzy leaves are located at the base of the plant and are one or two centimeters wide and round with wavy or wrinkly margins. It is variable in appearance, but is generally erect with thin, naked, neatly branching stems bearing clusters of tiny flowers at widely spaced nodes. Each flower is about 2 millimeters wide, bell-shaped, and usually pink.


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