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Eriocaulon scariosum

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Eriocaulaceae
Rank  Species
Order  Poales
Genus  Eriocaulon
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Eriocaulon scariosum, commonly named common, rough or pale pipewort, is a species of tufted grass-like herbaceous plants, constituting part of the plant family Eriocaulaceae. Common pipewort plants grow naturally in wetlands, bogs and drainage areas, from central and eastern Victoria, through eastern New South Wales, including the Australian Capital Territory, to eastern and north Queensland, Australia.

This species has obtained listing as "rare in Victoria" in the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment's current Advisory List of Rare or Threatened Plants in Victoria – 2005.

Based on specimen information "communicated from New South Wales in 1792, by John White, M. D.", this species was formally described using this name and in 1819 that was published scientifically by James E. Smith, London, in The Cyclopaedia.


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