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Erica Klarreich

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Erica Gail Klarreich (born 1972) is an American mathematician, journalist and science popularizer.

As a mathematician, Klarreich is known for her theorem in geometric topology that states that the boundary of the curve complex is homeomorphic to the space of ending laminations.

As a science writer, her work appears in publications such as Nature, Scientific American, New Scientist, and Quanta Magazine.

Klarreich's father was a professor of mathematics, and her mother was a mathematics teacher.

Klarreich obtained her Ph.D. in mathematics under the guidance of Yair Nathan Minsky at Stony Brook University in 1997.

Selected publications

  • "The boundary at infinity of the curve complex and the relative Teichmüller space"
  • "Semiconjugacies between Kleinian group actions on the Riemann sphere"
  • Popular science:
  • "Biologists join the dots", Nature, v. 413, n. 6855, pp. 450–452, 2001.
  • "Foams and honeycombs", American Scientist, v. 88, n. 2, pp. 152–161, 2000.
  • "Quantum cryptography: Can you keep a secret?", Nature, v. 418, n. 6895, pp. 270–272, 2002.
  • "Huygens's clocks revisited", American Scientist, v. 90, pp. 322–323, 2002.
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