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Erebuni State Reserve

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Erebuni State Reserve

Erebuni State Reserve (Armenian: Էրեբունի պետական արգելոց), is nature protected area of Armenia located in the Kotayk Province, located aroun 10 km southeast of the capital Yerevan, near the villages of Geghadir and Voghjaberd. It was formed in 1981. At a height between 1300 and 1450 meters above sea level, the reserve occupies an area of 120 hectares, mainly consisted of semi-deserted mountains-steppe.

The reserve was formed to protect the wild types of Poaceae, including the Triticum araraticum. Many of the protected species are included in the Red Book of Armenia. It also has many other protected and endemic plant species, including Iris elegantissima.

The reserve is also home to many types of amphibians, including Pelobates syriacus, marsh frog and European green toad. Many types of rodents are also found in the reserve.


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