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Equatorial Guinean general election, 1968

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Equatorial Guinean general election, 1968

General elections were held to elect a President and National Assembly in Equatorial Guinea on 22 September 1968, with a second round for the presidential election held on 29 September.

Francisco Macías Nguema of the Popular Idea of Equatorial Guinea won the presidential election, defeating Prime Minister Bonifacio Ondó Edu in the second round. Macias Nguema led the field in the first round; eliminated candidates Atanasio Ndongo and Edmundo Bossio endorsed Macias Nguema in the second round. Ndongo became Equatorial Guinea's first Foreign Minister and Edmundo Bossio became its first Vice-President. Edu was executed on Macias Ngeuma's orders shortly after independence.

The National Unity Movement of Equatorial Guinea and the National Liberation Movement of Equatorial Guinea, whose candidates came second and third in the presidential election, won ten seats each in the National Assembly.

To date, it has been the only free election ever held in Equatorial Guinea. Over the next five years, Macias Nguema consolidated his power step by step, and by 1973 he had declared himself President for Life with near-absolute powers. It would also be the last legislative election of any sort in the country until 1983.


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