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Equator (Randy Stonehill album)

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Released  1983
Artist  Randy Stonehill
Producer  Terry Scott Taylor
Recorded  Whitefield Studios
Release date  February 1983
Label  Myrrh Records
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Equator (1983)  Celebrate This Heartbeat (1984)
Genres  Rock music, Christian rock
Similar  The Wild Frontier, Return to Paradise, Between the Glory and the Fl, Celebrate This Heartbeat, Love Beyond Reason

Equator is an album by Randy Stonehill, released in 1983, on Myrrh Records. It has not been released on CD.


Track listing

All songs written by Randy Stonehill, except "Light of the World" by Randy Stonehill and Wayne Berry, and "Hide Them In Your Love" by Randy Stonehill and Gary Morris.

Side one
  1. "Light of the World" – 4:10
  2. "Big Ideas (In a Shrinking World)" – 4:37
  3. "Shut De Dó" – 2:46
  4. "Even the Best of Friends" – 4:52
  5. "American Fast Food" – 3:19
Side two
  1. "China" – 5:32
  2. "Cosmetic Fixation" – 4:17
  3. "Turning Thirty" – 3:49
  4. "Hide Them In Your Love" – 3:29
  5. "World Without Pain" – 3:54


  • Randy Stonehill: acoustic & electric guitar, handclaps, lead vocals
  • Tom Howard: keyboards
  • Tim Chandler: bass guitar, lead guitar
  • Alex MacDougall: drums and percussion.
  • Doll (MacDougall) Gallienne: bagpipes, vibes & xylophone
  • Terry Scott Taylor: Man In The Audience on "Big Ideas," handclaps, drums on "China"
  • Jerry Chamberlain: lead guitar, Ethel Merman's Assailant on "Big Ideas," handclaps, Fast Food Patron
  • Sharon McCall: handclaps
  • Tim Alderson: handclaps
  • Mark Cook: additional keyboards
  • Rob Watson: additional keyboards
  • Derri Daugherty: additional electric rhythm guitar
  • Adrian Tapia: saxophone, flute
  • Jim Nicholson: lead guitar
  • Ed McTaggart: drums on "China."
  • Backing vocals: Randy Stonehill, Tom Howard, Jerry Chamberlain, Sharon McCall, Ed McTaggart, Janet McTaggart, Terry Scott Taylor, Beau MacDougall, Leslie Phillips, Colleen Routh, Jason Kinsley, Moses Toth, Shannon Berry, Rachel Anderson and Audrey Floyd
  • Jamaican choir on "Shut De Dó": Randy Stonehill, Tom & Dori Howard, Jerry Chamberlain, Sharon McCall, Regina Peoples, Shari Larson, Jackie Goushé, Terry Bradford
  • Regina Peoples: female soloist on "Shut De Dó"
  • Singing waitresses: Shari Larson, Jackie Goushé, Dori Howard, Sharon McCall.
  • "Star Trek" soprano solo: Janet McTaggart
  • Songs

    1Light of the World4:10
    2Big Ideas (In the Shrinking World)4:37
    3Shut de Do2:46


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