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Epsilon Sculptoris

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Magnitude  5.29
Apparent magnitude (V)  5.29
Constellation  Sculptor
Epsilon Sculptoris
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Epsilon Sculptoris (ε Scl, ε Sculptoris) is a star system in the constellation Sculptor. It is approximately 91.7 light years from Earth.

The primary component, Epsilon Sculptoris A, is a yellow-white F-type main-sequence star with an apparent magnitude of +5.29 with an angular diameter of 000509 arcseconds. Orbiting it with a separation of 4.6 arcseconds, or at least 125 Astronomical Units, is Epsilon Sculptoris B, a yellow G-type main sequence dwarf with an apparent magnitude of +8.6. A and B make one orbit around their centre of mass once every 1200 years. They are accompanied by two more distant and dimmer companions, the 15th magnitude Epsilon Sculptoris C at a separation of 15 arcseconds and the 11th magnitude Epsilon Sculptoris D, at a separation of 142 arcseconds.

This star will be in constellation Fornax around 2920 CE.


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