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Minecraft 2 epicaste for vou fazer umas mudancas sem postar video

Epicaste (/ˌɛpɪˈkæsti/; Greek: Ἐπικάστη Epikaste) or Epicasta (/ˌɛpɪˈkæstə/) is a name attributed to four women in Greek mythology.


  • Epicaste, daughter of Augeas. She bore Heracles a son, Thestalus.
  • Epicaste, daughter of Calydon and Aeolia, daughter of Amythaon. She married Agenor son of Pleuron (her first cousin) and had children: Porthaon, Demonice, and Thestius.
  • Epicaste is another name for Jocasta, used by Homer.
  • Epicaste, daughter of Nestor and mother of Homer himself by Telemachus, son of Odysseus.
  • Epicaste, wife of Clymenus, son of Teleus or Argos, and mother of Harpalyce, Idas, and Therager.
  • How to pronounce epicaste


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