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Eon Mountain

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Topo map  NTS 82J/13
Elevation  3,305 m
Province  Alberta
First ascent  1921 Winthrop E. Stone
Prominence  558 m
Eon Mountain
Location  Alberta British Columbia
Similar  Mount Sir Douglas, Mount Galatea, Mount Joffre, Mount Chester, Mount Assiniboine

Eon Mountain is located on the border of Alberta and British Columbia on the Continental Divide. It is Alberta's 41st highest peak, and the 53rd highest peak in British Columbia. It was named in 1901 by James Outram.

Map of Eon Mountain, Improvement District No. 9, AB, Canada

The first ascent of Mount Eon was in 1921 by Winthrop E. Stone, then President of Purdue University, who fell to his death shortly after reaching the summit.


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