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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Eocrinoidea
Higher classification  Blastozoa
Subphylum  Blastozoa
Phylum  Echinodermata
Rank  Class
Eocrinoidea Gogia Eocrinoid Fossil

Similar  Echinoderm, Gogia, Edrioasteroidea, Cystoidea, Blastozoa

The Eocrinoidea are an extinct class of echinoderms that lived between the Early Cambrian and Late Silurian periods. They are the earliest known group of stalked, arm-bearing echinoderms, and were the most common echinoderms during the Cambrian.

Eocrinoidea Gogia spiralis Eocrinoid Fossil

The eocrinoids were a paraphyletic group that may have been ancestral to six other classes: Rhombifera, Diploporita, Coronoidea, Blastoidea, Parablastoidea, and Paracrinoidea. The earliest genera had a short holdfast and irregularly structured plates. Later forms had a fully developed stalk with regular rows of plates. They were benthic suspension feeders, with five ambulacra on the upper surface, surrounding the mouth and extending into a number of narrow arms. An unusual Ordovician form was the conical Bolboporites with its single brachiole. See also List of echinodermata orders.

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Eocrinoidea Virtual museum Eocrinoidea Eocrinoids

Eocrinoidea Virtual museum Eocrinoidea Eocrinoids


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