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Enz-RAFT is a RAFT polymerization technique which allows for controlled oxygen-sensitive polymerization in an open vessel. Enz-RAFT uses 1-4 μM glucose oxidase to remove dissolved oxygen from the system. As the degassing is decoupled from the polymerization, initiator concentrations can be reduced, allowing for high control and end group fidelity. Enz-RAFT can be used in a number of organic solvent systems, with high activity in up to 80% tert-butanol, acetonitrile, and dioxane. With Enz-RAFT, polymerizations do not require prior degassing making this technique convenient for the preparation of most polymers by RAFT. The technique was developed at Imperial College London by Drs. Robert Chapman and Adam Gormley in the lab of Prof. Molly Stevens.


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