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Enoshima Shrine

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Founded  552
Phone  +81 466-22-4020
Enoshima Shrine
Address  Japan, 〒251-0036 Kanagawa Prefecture, Fujisawa, Enoshima, 2 Chome−3番8号
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Enoshima shrine

Enoshima Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Enoshima, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan. The shrine is dedicated to the worship of the kami Benten. Enoshima-jinja consists of three shrines, Hetsuno-miya, Nakatsuno-miya and Okutsuno-miya.


Per legend, 12th century Japanese ruler Hōjō Tokimasa visited the shrine to pray for prosperity, and there received a prophecy from a mysterious woman, who also left behind three scales, which became his family crest.

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