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Enomaly Inc

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Founded  2004
Parent organization  Virtustream
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Enomaly Inc., (founded in 2004) is a developer of system software for the virtualization and management of cloud computing. It is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Initially founded as an open source consulting company by Reuven Cohen, George Bazos and Lars Forsberg, the company quickly grew from an open source consultancy and system integrator into one of the first focused on the emerging cloud computing space. Richard Reiner joined Enomaly as Chairman and CEO in March, 2009. The company was among the first‹See TfD› to provide a self-service Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform with the first version launched in 2005 under an open source platform called Enomalism, later renamed ECP and made available commercially as closed sourced.

Enomaly's current software, called Elastic Computing Platform, Service Provider Edition (ECP/SPE) was released in July, 2009 and allows web hosts and service providers to offer public facing IaaS and cloud services to their customers in a means similar to that of Amazon Ec2. Enomaly offers cloud infrastructure capabilities to established carriers, service and hosting providers who in turn use their existing physical data center to offer a combination of cloud services and dedicated hosting services to their customers.

In November 2010 Enomaly launched, described as the first‹See TfD› commodity style Clearinghouse & Marketplace for unused cloud computing capacity. According to the SpotCloud site the service is "Built on Google App Engine and the Enomaly ECP platform (as well as other cloud infrastructure platforms in the near future), SpotCloud is an easy to use, structured cloud capacity marketplace where service providers can sell their excess computing capacity to a wide array of buyers and resellers."

Enomaly Elastic Cloud Computing software

Enomaly's core product, ECP, is used by numerous service providers as the foundation for their cloud computing offerings, and includes:

  • A multi-tenant virtual infrastructure with dynamic policy-driven provisioning and management
  • Customer & Administrative web based GUI applications
  • Support for multiple Hypervisors including KVM, VMware and Xen
  • Per customer and per virtual machine network assignment and VLAN tagging capabilities
  • An integrated Application Store offering
  • Billing and metering capability with back-office integration
  • XMPP-based command and control
  • High Availability (HA) architecture
  • RESTful automation API software architecture
  • Group-based ACL security
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