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English Encyclopaedia

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English Encyclopaedia
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The English Encyclopaedia was an encyclopedia printed in London for George Kearsley in 1802.

It was 10 volumes; Vol. I 820pp., Vol. II 871pp., Vol. III 810pp., Vol. IV 805pp., Vol. V 812pp., Vol. VI 801pp., Vol. VII 796pp., Vol.VIII 784pp., Vol. IX 804pp., Vol.X 1150pp. plus 16pp., description of plates & 2pp. book ads by Kearsley & also incl. supplement which commences at page 183.

Title page says "A collection of treatises and a dictionary of terms covering the arts & sciences, illustrated with upwards of 400 copperplates. Compiled from modern authors of the first eminence in the different branches of science."

Other works of this name

A London Encyclopaedia (1829) in 22 volumes was edited by Thomas Curtis for Thomas Tegg. A complex copyright case against Tegg on behalf of the Encyclopedia Metropolitana was settled out of court, leaving unresolved claims that Tegg had pirated the lexicon of Charles Richardson, and the counter-claim that the Metropolitana had copied an encyclopedia the rights of which were now owned by Tegg, thought to be the Encyclopaedia Perthensis.


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