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Engineer Battalion (Estonia)

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Country  Estonia
Type  Pioneer
Size  Battalion
Branch  Estonian Ground Force
Role  Combat Engineering
Engineer Battalion (Estonia)
Active  1917–1940 · 2002–present

The Pioneer Battalion (Estonian: Pioneeripataljon) is the Estonian Defence Forces combat engineering force which has a supportive military formation role among the Estonian Ground Forces.


The Pioneeripataljon plays a supportive role on the battlefield performing such tasks as fortification, bridge and road construction or destruction, laying or clearing landmines, neutralization of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and general engineering tasks under fire. More generally speaking, the combat engineer's tasks involve facilitating movement and support of friendly forces while impeding that of the enemy. The unit is also equipped and trained to deal with the NBC weapons threat and disarmament.

  • Mobility
  • Clearing terrain obstacles
  • Overcoming trenches and ditches
  • Opening routes for armored fighting vehicles
  • Constructing roads and bridges
  • Clearing landmine fields
  • Explosive material handling
  • Clearing landmine fields
  • Planting landmines
  • EOD and bomb disposal
  • Detonating booby traps and clearing areas of explosives
  • Accurate demolitions
  • Defense
  • Building fortifications
  • Building outposts
  • Building fences
  • Counter mobility and assault
  • Planting landmines
  • Digging trenches and ditches
  • Demolishing roads and bridges
  • Opening routes during assault
  • Demolishing enemy structures (using bulldozers or explosive charges).
  • Defence against NBC weapon threats
  • Disposal of Chemical weapons
  • Disposal of Biological weapons
  • Disposal of Radiological weapons
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