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Endwell (band)

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Years active  2003-present
Genre  Hardcore punk
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Genres  Post-hardcore/metalcore (early) hardcore (now)
Origin  Queens, New York City, New York, United States (2003)
Albums  Homeland Insecurity, Consequences, Punishment, Revenge Is a Healthy Motive, The Missing Pieces
Members  Mike Kaabe, Danny Pupplo, Gregg Gallo, Dan Puglisi, Dustin Newcombe, Sean Murphy, Steve Muskopf
Record labels  Victory Records, Mediaskare Records, Century Media Records
Similar  Farewell to Freeway, Jesse Ketive, Ben Lionetti, Four Letter Lie, Bury Your Dead

Endwell is a hardcore band from Queens, New York formed in 2003. They have released one independent EP, one full-length LP on Victory Records, and one EP & two full-lengths via Mediaskare Records.


Formation to Homeland Insecurity (2003–2007)

Endwell formed in Queens, New York' in 2003 and started gaining popularity and experience through local shows. The band independently recorded and released their first EP titled The Missing Pieces in 2005 and began touring the country. They won a Battle of the Bands contest, which earned them a spot on the Hellfest bill and caught the eye of Bayside's Anthony Raneri. Bayside was signed to Victory Records and suggested to Endwell that they should attempt to get signed to the label. Members of Endwell grew up listening to various Victory bands including Earth Crisis and Hatebreed.

Victory Records owner Tony Brummel agreed to let Endwell display their talent on stage in order to decide if the band was a good fit for the label. The show was to be played in Chicago, so Endwell had to drive there with all their gear from New York. On the way to the show, their van got hit while driving by a truck causing the van to flip several times and ejecting their lead singer, who spent a few weeks in the hospital. The rest of the band was only hospitalized for a few days with minor injuries. Endwell recovered a few months later and played the show for Victory Records, signing with the label shortly after.

Endwell began to write and record songs for their debut album, Homeland Insecurity, in California with Jay Baumgardner (Papa Roach, Evanescence, New Found Glory). Lead guitarist Dan Puglisi discussed the production of the new album:

"The album is all over the board. We came up with songs that sound like nothing we’ve ever done before, including some fast, energetic stuff really that makes you want to take a breather between songs. All of the songs were written to be played live. There are no filler or album-only tracks here. If we couldn’t pull them off live, it didn’t make the album."

The album was released in October 2006, and the band toured heavily in support of it. Although they did not headline, they opened for acts such as Comeback Kid, It Dies Today, and As Blood Runs Black.

New lineup and Revenge is a Healthy Motive (2008)

After almost 2 years of touring, Endwell hoped to start working on their follow up to Homeland Insecurity but ran into several speed bumps. The first issue was an inconsistent lineup. Several members left, and replacements would only stay with the band for a few shows and nothing seemed permanent. The second issue being that Victory Records decided to drop Endwell's contract with the label leaving the band without a way to release their music. Details about the new EP Revenge is a Healthy Motive were given out as early as January 2008, and news about working on a follow up album to Homeland Insecurity was released even earlier. The band posted several demo tracks on their MySpace page and several live recordings of new material on YouTube, but progress was slow with new members coming and going. In early May 2008, Endwell announced they had signed to Mediaskare Records/Century Media Records and set May 27, 2008 as the release date for their EP.

Revenge is a Healthy Motive departed from the band's original pop punk/hardcore punk mix, and focused more on hardcore. The band also changed their lyrical style, in reaction to the current state of the band. The new direction of the album was said to be "hard emotionally and musically," and that while working on the album, the band felt "like [they] did when [they] started playing hardcore when [they] were little kids." Shortly after their previous album was released, Endwell "[was] sick of it, and nobody wanted to play the songs [from Homeland Insecurity]."

Endwell was preparing to tour in support of their new EP alongside Emmure and On Broken Wings on a string of shows dubbed the "Mosh Lives Tour," however, Endwell was kicked off of the tour before it started due to a T-shirt depicting a severed bulldog head on the back. The bulldog was intended to be a comical reference to the logo of their former label that they were kicked out of, Victory Records, not cruelty against animals.

Consequences (2009)

Endwell released their second studio album Consequences in April 2009 through Mediaskare Records.

Punishment (2011-present)

On April 26, 2011, Endwell released their second full-length on Mediaskare records titled Punishment. They claimed to have taken a black metal influence and mixed it in with their already hardcore sound. Produced by band members Danny Pupplo & Sean Murphy, the record was tracked at Undercity Recording in North Hollywood, California between July 28 and August 26. It was mixed by Steve Evetts (Hatebreed, Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Poison the Well) and mastered by Alan Douches.

After their last European tour, Matt Rogers left Endwell and joined Deez Nuts, where as members Mike Sciulara and Pieter VanDenBerg departed and became permanent members of This Is Hell, leaving the band with the two core members, vocalist Sean Murphy and guitarist Danny Pupplo.


  • Danny Pupplo - guitar (2003–present)
  • Sean Murphy - vocals (2006–present)
  • Dustin Newcombe - guitar (2008-2010, 2011 tour, 2012-present)
  • Mike Kaabe - drums, vocals (2006-2007, 2008 tour, 2012-present)
  • Former Members
  • Chris Formosa - vocals (2003–2005)
  • Steven Dicasa - bass/vocals (2003–2005)
  • Alex Sieligowski - drums (2003–2005)
  • Dan Puglisi - guitar (2003–2007)
  • Bobby Holohan - drums (2005–2006) (Formerly of Skycamefalling)
  • Steve Muskopf - bass (2005–2007)
  • Andy Zambito - drums (2007–2008)
  • Fotch Jornet- guitar (2007–2008) (Knuckle Up!, Stifling Neglect)
  • Mike Sciulara - drums (2008–2011) (First Blood, This Is Hell, Extinction AD, Vanna (tour fill in))
  • Pieter VanDenBerg - bass (2009–2011) (This Is Hell, Extinction AD)
  • Matt Rogers - guitar (2010–2011), bass (2007–2010) (Deez Nuts)
  • Discography

    Studio albums
  • Homeland Insecurity (2006)
  • Track listing:
    1. "The End"
    2. "A Taste Of Everest"
    3. "Single And Loving It"
    4. "Four Letter Words"
    5. "Homeland Insecurity"
    6. "Goodbyes Are Always Coldest In December"
    7. "Boy Meets World War III"
    8. "I'm Frozen You’re Dead"
    9. "Drowning"
    10. "Whine And Dine"
    11. "Fever White"
    12. "Zombies Never Think Twice"
  • Consequences (2009)
  • Track listing:
    1. "Consequences"
    2. "Weed Out The Weak"
    3. "Such Great Depths"
    4. "Promises"
    5. "Mike Tyson"
    6. "The Bridge (Blues Man's Cross Roads)"
    7. "Avoidant (Ghost Will Haunt)"
    8. "John Doe"
    9. "Whatever Distance (Fear Prudence)"
    10. "Welcome Inferno (Wrathful and Sullen)"
    11. "Glaciers (10/21/03)"
    12. "Rise and Fail (The Lesser Key of Solomon)"
    13. "Living Through Losses (2/30/01)"
    14. "As Low as a Life Can Get (Jumping the Shark)"
    15. "Encounters at the End of the World (Stars)"
  • Punishment (2011)
  • Track listing:
    1. "Greater Haste"
    2. "Anxiety Bath"
    3. "Depression Party"
    4. "Dark Waves"
    5. "Forgotten Wolves"
    6. "Mason Lamps"
    7. "High Friends In Low Places"
    8. "Living Reverie"
    9. "Black Horns"
    10. "Negative Pressure
    11. "Plague Wielders"
    12. "Laments"
    13. "Fractal Gloom"
  • The Missing Pieces (2005)
  • Track listing:
    1. "Cry Me an Ocean"
    2. "Silence Through Cyanide"
    3. "Whine and Dine"
    4. "Drowning in Thoughts of You"
    5. "My Side of Homicide"
    6. "The Missing Pieces"
  • Revenge is a Healthy Motive (2008)
  • Track listing:
    1. "Mike Tyson"
    2. "Jumping The Shark"
    3. "Revenge Is A Healthy Motive"
    4. "Glaciers"
    5. "Sympathy for All Sufferers"


  • "Single and Loving It" (2006)
  • "Avoidant (Ghost Will Haunt)" (2009)
  • Songs

    Single and Loving ItHomeland Insecurity · 2006
    Forgotten WolvesPunishment · 2011
    Zombies Never Think TwiceHomeland Insecurity · 2006


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