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Endocladia muricata

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Domain  Eukaryota
Class  Florideophyceae
Family  Endocladiaceae
Rank  Species
Division  Rhodophyta
Order  Gigartinales
Genus  Endocladia
Endocladia muricata wwwseaweedsofalaskacomphotosseaweedEndocladia
Similar  Endocladiaceae, Egregia menziesii, Silvetia, Mastocarpus stellatus, Phyllospadix scouleri

Endocladia muricata, commonly known as Nailbrush seaweed or Turfweed, is a marine alga that is widely distributed along the shores of the North Pacific Ocean, from Alaska to Punto Santo Tomas, Baja California.

Endocladia muricata Seaweeds of Alaska

E. muricata is common north of Point Conception, and is one of the most common algae in the high intertidal zone of the central California, coast. It commonly forms the top-most conspicuous band of seaweed along that coast. E. muricata often grows with Pelvetiopsis limitata (dwarf rockweed) and Mastocarpus papillatus (Turkish washcloth), on rocks in the high intertidal.

Endocladia muricata CalPhotos Endocladia muricata Scouring Pad Alga

E. muricata's thallus is 4-8 cm tall, short & bushy; branches cylindrical with sub-dichotomous branching; covered with minute, soft conical spines; blackish-brown to dark red to yellow. Dries to almost black. It is usually not slippery to walk on, dry or wet.

Endocladia muricata Scouringpad alga observed by gbentall 1058 AM PDT on April 6 2014
Endocladia muricata Seaweeds of Alaska
Endocladia muricata Endocladia muricata Endlicher JAgardh Algaebase
Endocladia muricata Endocladia muricata Wikipedia


Endocladia muricata Wikipedia

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