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Endgame: The Calling

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Language  English
Publication date  7 October 2014
Genre  Young adult fiction
OCLC  868644151
3.8/5 Goodreads

Country  United States
Series  Endgame trilogy
Originally published  7 October 2014
Publisher  HarperCollins
Endgame: The Calling t2gstaticcomimagesqtbnANd9GcRuDTlz07MMLo1Ndm
Media type  Print (hardcover and paperback), audiobook, e-book
Pages  465 pp. (first edition, hardback)
Authors  Nils Johnson-Shelton, James Frey
Similar  James Frey books, Young adult fiction books

Endgame the calling by james frey book roar with aw studios books

Endgame: The Calling is a 2014 science fiction young adult novel written by American authors James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton. It is the first novel in the Endgame trilogy.


Between the bookends endgame the calling


12 ancient bloodlines were chosen by extraterrestrials long ago. They have been training since then while waiting for the sign of the "endgame", at which point one survivor will need to recover 3 keys and thus decide humankind's fate. The Endgame means the earth's end for a new beginning. Humans have gotten selfish and forgotten their true ways so the "Sky-people" have decided, it is time to end the world and begin anew.

"We are the players, your players. We have to play. We must be older than 13 and Younger than 20. It is the rule."


  • Aisling Kopp from the 3rd line, La Tene (Celt)
  • Alice Ulapala from the 34th line, Koori
  • An Liu from the 377th line, Shang
  • Baitsakhan from the 13th line, Donghu, is the youngest player, being 13 years old, making him just eligible for Endgame.
  • Chiyoko Takeda from the 2nd line, Mu, is 17 and lives in Japan. She is mute. She is skilled with the wakizashi, hojo and shuriken. She is skilled at interpreting language/symbols/signs and a good climber and master sailor. She is not keen at being chosen for Endgame but ready nonetheless.
  • Hilal Ibn Isa Al-Salt from the 144th line, Aksumite
  • Jago (Feo) Tlaloc from the 21st line, Olmec, is 19 and lives in Peru. His family is powerful in the city and trades in illegal goods, yet they contribute to the upkeep of the city. He is described as strong and merciless.
  • Kala Mozami from the 89th line, Sumerian
  • Maccabee Adlai from the 8th line, Nabatean
  • Marcus Loxias Megalos from the 5th line, Minoan is 16 and lives in Turkey and is bored at life thinking the Endgame will skip over him, however, when he sees a fireball destroy a football stadium on TV, he becomes excited at the prospect of being chosen.
  • Sarah Alopay from the 233rd line, Cahokian, is 18 years old and from Nebraska, United States. She wants no part of the endgame and eagerly awaits her 20th birthday when she will no longer be eligible. She has planned her life ahead but a meteor destroys her graduation ceremony shattering her hopes of a normal life. Despite not wanting any part she has prepared like the others for the endgame her whole life.
  • Shari Chopra from the 55th line, Harappan
  • Story telling

    The parallel universe of Endgame: The Calling has several facets using the transmediation or transmedia storytelling style.

    There is a live actress 6 days a week. Her job will be to propel the pre-story line via the webpage and other social media. The readers and players who interact with her will become part of the story line and worked in to the books or the lore of the Endgame: The Calling universe.

    Endgame: The Calling comes with a puzzle and a game tying in social media with it via webpage. The first reader to solve the book's puzzle wins an actual treasure worth $500,000 worth of gold coins.

    Each novel of the trilogy is accompanied by a large prize. The first prize is $500,000 in gold stored at the Caesar's Palace in Vegas.

    Each novel after the first will be worth an additional $500,000 dollars. The second book 1 million and the third book 1.5 million.

    The augmented reality game came out in 2015. "Read the book, solve the puzzles and win the prize".


    A sequel novel titled Endgame: Sky Key was published on October 5, 2015.

    Film adaptation

    20th Century Fox is currently working in the development of the film based on the novel. It will be produced by Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen


    Endgame: The Calling Wikipedia

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