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Endgame: Proving Ground

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Release date(s)  2015 (never released)
Mode  Multiplayer video game
Developer  Niantic
Platforms  Android, iOS
Endgame: Proving Ground Niantic Labs announces beta for their latest AR game Endgame
Genre(s)  Augmented reality role-playing video game

Endgame: Proving Ground was an announced but never released mobile app by Niantic Labs. It is an augmented reality or mixed reality game played anywhere in the world you can get wireless service via cell phone or standard Internet service provider.


Endgame: Proving Ground Endgame Proving Ground FREE MOBILE MMO DOWNLOAD


Endgame: Proving Ground Meet Endgame Proving Ground Google39s AR Mobile Game

The story of the alternate reality for Endgame: Proving Ground is the same as Endgame: The Calling. They are both elements in a transmedia storytelling strategy by author James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton partnering with Niantic Labs. The story world of Endgame is told via website in an interactive manner, as narrated six days a week by an actress who in 2014 began telling the pre-story to the books by James Frey.

Endgame: Proving Ground httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumbd

Twelve families were chosen by extraterrestrials long ago. They have been training since then while waiting for the sign of the "endgame", at which point one survivor will need to recover three keys and thus decide humankind's fate.

Elements of Gameplay

Endgame: Proving ground uses the geography of Google Maps in order to mark off points of interest.

Endgame: Proving Ground Proving Grounds PVP Gameplay YouTube

Players can walk around outside at these points and collect equipment to increase their ability to defend or attack points of interest, much like a traditional role playing game.

Endgame: Proving Ground Google39s Niantic Labs announces its next AR game Endgame Proving

Players can also claim the points and then are free to wander. Fights result after an already claimed point of interest is contested by an opposing player. The player who has the current claim will receive a notification to defend the point and can respond from anywhere in the world as long as they're online. If not online the duel challenge goes to the next player on the team. Should no players be available to defend the claim to the point, an artificial intelligence will duel against the player who is seeking to claim the point as his own.


Endgame: Proving Ground Google39s Niantic Labs announces its next AR game Endgame Proving

The book was originally to be part of a trilogy, in which each volume would include an interactive puzzle that would lead the first solver of it to a valuable prize: "The puzzle will lead readers to a key, and that key will unlock $500,000 worth of gold on display at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas." The corresponding prizes for the second and third volumes were to be worth $150,000 and $100,000 respectively.


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