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Kingdom  Animalia
Superfamily  Enchytraeoidea
Phylum  Annelida
Rank  Family
Subclass  Oligochaeta
Suborder  Tubificina
Scientific name  Enchytraeidae
Higher classification  Haplotaxida
Order  Haplotaxida
Enchytraeidae Nature photography by Dragisa Savic

Lower classifications  Enchytraeus buchholzi, Mesenchytraeus solifugus, Grania

The Enchytraeidae are a microdrile oligochaete family. They resemble small earthworms and include both terrestrial species known as potworms that live in highly organic terrestrial environments, as well as some that are marine. The peculiar genus Mesenchytraeus is known as "ice WoRMS", as they live in glaciers and will die if exposed to temperatures a few degrees above freezing. Apart from these, the best-known species is probably the Grindal Worm (Enchytraeus buchholzi), which is commercially bred as aquarium fish food.

Enchytraeidae Family Enchytraeidae

Selected genera

Enchytraeidae genera include:

Enchytraeidae Enchytraeidae Salvatore Canu

  • Achaeta Vejdovský, 1878
  • Archienchytraeus Eisen, 1878 (nomen dubium)
  • Cernosvitoviella Nielsen & Christensen, 1959
  • Christensenidrilus Dózsa-Farkas & Convey, 1998 (= Christensenia Dózsa-Farkas & Convey, 1997 (non Brinck 1945: preoccupied))
  • Cognettia Nielsen & Christensen, 1959
  • Enchytraeina Bülow, 1957
  • Enchytraeus
  • Epitelphusa Drago, 1887
  • Fridericia Michaelsen, 1889
  • Grania
  • Hemifridericia Nielsen & Christensen, 1949
  • Henlea Michaelsen, 1889 (= Henleanella)
  • Lumbricillus Ørsted, 1844 (= Enchytraeoides, Pachydrilus)
  • Marionina Michaelsen in Pfeffer, 1890 (= Marionia Michaelsen, 1889 (non Vayssière, 1877: preoccupied), Michaelsena, Parenchytraeus)
  • Mesenchytraeus – ice worms
  • Neoenchytraeus Eisen, 1878
  • Randidrilus Coates & Erséus, 1985
  • Stephensoniella Cernosvitov, 1934

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