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Location  Kenya
Last eruption  1910 ± 50 years
Age of rock  Pleistocene to recent
Elevation  1,328 m
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Similar  Namarunu, Barrier Volcano, Ol Doinyo Eburru, Harrat al Birk, Borale Ale

Emuruangogolak is an active shield volcano straddling the Gregory Rift in Kenya, in Eastern Africa. It has a 3.5-by-5.0-kilometre (2.2 mi × 3.1 mi) caldera on its summit. The last known eruption was a trachyte flow which occurred in 1910. Steam vents and fumarolic activity continues from fissures within the caldera and along the flanks of the volcano. Several maar lakes exist in the rift valley adjacent to the volcano. The volcano's summit is at 1,328 metres (4,357 ft) elevation, and its formation is calculated to have been 38,000 years ago.

Map of Emuruangogolak, Kenya


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