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The Emsigerland — sometimes Emderland — was a historic region, situated on the western edge of East Frisia by the Wadden Sea, which covered a wide area around the town of Emden. The Emsigerland borders in the north on the Federgau, in the northeast on the Brokmerland in the east on the Moormerland and in the south on the Rheiderland.

The Emsigerland was based on a historic territorial parish (Landesgemeinde), the Emsgau, and formed its economic centre. Unlike the rest of East Frisia, no system of chieftains was established here; the lands of the Emsgo including the Emsigerland remained autonomous. This changed in 1379 when the region passed into the possession of the tom Broks, whose inheritance then passed to the Cirksena.


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