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Empress Xiaodexian

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Parents  Sakda Futai
Father  Sakda Futai
Place of burial  Hebei, China
Name  Empress Xiaodexian
Successor  Empress Dowager Ci'an
Died  January 24, 1850

Empress Xiaodexian
Tenure  None (elevated posthumously)
Spouse  Xianfeng Emperor (m. 1847)
Similar People  Xianfeng Emperor, Empress Dowager Ci'an, Daoguang Emperor, Tongzhi Emperor, Empress Dowager Cixi

Predecessor  Empress Xiaoquancheng

Empress Xiaodexian (12 April 1831 – 24 January 1850) was the first consort of the Xianfeng Emperor of the Qing dynasty.


Empress Xiaodexian was born in the Manchu Sakda (薩克達) clan, which was under the Bordered Yellow Banner. Her father was Futai (富泰), who served as a shaoqing (少卿; vice minister) in the Imperial Ancestral Temple department.

In 1847, Lady Sakda married Yizhu, the fourth son of the Daoguang Emperor, and became Yizhu's primary consort. She died in January 1850. She did not bear Yizhu any children. About a month after her death, the Daoguang Emperor died and was succeeded by Yizhu, who became the Xianfeng Emperor. As the Xianfeng Emperor's primary consort, Lady Sakda was posthumously honoured as Empress, and was interred in the Dingling Mausoleum in the Eastern Qing tombs.


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