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Emperor Daozong of Liao

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Predecessor  Xingzong
Died  1101
Name  Emperor of
Father  Xingzong
Children  Yelu Jiuli, Yelu Jun
Successor  Tianzuodi
Parents  Emperor Xingzong of Liao

Emperor Daozong of Liao
Reign  August 28, 1055 – February 12, 1101
Great-grandparents  Empress Xiao Yanyan, Emperor Jingzong of Liao

Grandparents  Emperor Shengzong of Liao
Grandchildren  Emperor Tianzuo of Liao

Emperor Daozong of Liao (14 September 1032 – 12 February 1101), personal name Chala, sinicised name Yelü Hongji, was the eighth emperor of the Khitan-led Liao dynasty.

Emperor Daozong of Liao COA Khitan Empire Great Liao Emperor Daozong of Liao Qing Ning


Emperor Daozong succeeded his father, Emperor Xingzong, in 1055. He was notable for reviving the name "Great Liao" in 1066, a designation first given the kingdom by Emperor Taizong in 947. Other noteworthy achievements made during his reign include the completion of a Liao edition of the Buddhist Tripitaka and the construction of the Sakyamuni Pagoda in 1056.

Emperor Daozong faced a number of assassination attempt throughout his life. In 1063, when a group of Khitans, angry that their system of tribal justice had been put under local Han Chinese administration, ambushed the emperor while he was on a hunting trip. Emperor Daozong survived the attack and the rebels were executed. However, in order to reassert his legitimacy as emperor, he was forced to perform a traditional "rebirth" ceremony. In 1070, he restructured the Liao legal system to reflect the differences in Han Chinese and Khitan customs.

Emperor Daozong's reign was fraught with corruption. He spent lavishly on his palaces and his Buddhist worship. Many people under his rule were angered by the high taxes and began to rebel against the Liao dynasty, most notably the Jurchen tribes which would eventually overthrow and replace the Liao dynasty.


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