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Emilia Romagna regional election, 2010

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March 28–29, 2010  2014 →
32 seats, 62.7%  18 seats, 35.2%
32  15
Anna Maria Bernini  Giovanni Favia
18 seats, 35.2%  new party
15  2
Emilia-Romagna regional election, 2010

The Emilia-Romagna regional election of 2010 took place on 28–29 March 2010.


The two-term incumbent President of the Region, Vasco Errani of the centre-left Democratic Party defeated Anna Maria Bernini (backed by The People of Freedom and Lega Nord Emilia-Romagna) and Gian Luca Galletti (Union of the Centre).

Errani (–10.6% compared to 2005) and the Democrats (–7.7%) lost ground to the Five Star Movement, whose candidate won a surprising 7.0% of the vote, in what was the worst result for the centre-left in a regional election in Emilia–Romagna. The other surprise of the election was Lega Nord, which gained 13.7% of the vote, up from 4.8% in 2005.

Electoral Law

The Legislative Assembly of Emilia-Romagna (Assemblea Legislativa dell'Emilia-Romagna) is composed of 50 members. 40 councillors are elected in provincial constituencies by proportional representation using the largest remainder method with a Droop quota and open lists, while 10 councillors (elected in bloc) come from a "regional list", including the President-elect. One seat is reserved for the candidate who comes second. If a coalition wins more than 50% of the total seats in the Council with PR, only 5 candidates from the regional list will be chosen and the number of those elected in provincial constituencies will be 45. If the winning coalition receives less than 40% of votes special seats are added to the Council to ensure a large majority for the President's coalition.


Source: Ministry of the Interior – Historical Archive of Elections


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