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Eleonora d'Este (1515 1575)

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Died  1575, Ferrara, Italy
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Eleonora d'Este (4 July 1515, Ferrara - 1575, Ferrara) was a Ferrarese noblewoman. She was the first daughter of Alfonso I d'Este, Duke of Ferrara and his second wife Lucrezia Borgia - as his first daughter, Alfonso named her after his mother Eleanor of Naples.


She was brought up in Ferrara and her mother died when she was four - her father had two more children with Laura Dianti. Eleonora was the only one of Alfonso and Lucrezia's daughters to survive both their parents. She became a nun at the Corpus Domini Monastery and was buried there alongside her mother and other members of her family.


Eleonora d'Este (1515-1575) Wikipedia

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