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Elemag Point

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Elemag Point

Elemag Point (Nos Elemag \'nos 'e-le-mag) is a point on the coast of Moon Bay in Livingston Island, Antarctica situated 6.75 km south-southwest of Edinburgh Hill, 1.76 km southeast of Sindel Point, 3.05 km east of Sliven Peak, 2.05 km northeast of Zlatograd Rock, and 5,57 km northwest of Rila Point. Separates the glacier termini of Struma Glacier to the north and Huron Glacier to the south. Bulgarian topographic survey Tangra 2004/05.

Named after Elemag, governor of the southwestern region of Bulgaria with provincial capital town Belgrad (Berat) under Tsar Samuel, Tsar Gavril Radomir, and Tsar Ivan Vladislav of Bulgaria (10-11th century AD).


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