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Electron (concern)

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Headquarters  Lviv, Ukraine
Website  www.electron.ua
Products  Consumer goods
Electron (concern) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Type  Public Joint Stock Company
Industry  Diversified group of companies
Key people  Bubes Yuriy (chairman of the executive board), Rybynok Viktor (chairman of supervisory board)

"Electron" Corporation (Ukrainian: Концерн-Електрон) is a diversified, public company and a legal entity in Ukraine, with more than 20 thousand shareholders. No state in the share capital.


Corporation President, CEO - Bubes Yuriy Hryhorovych.

Creation and development

The history of "electronic" began with 1918 of the founding of Lviv electrical enterprise "Contact" - one of the first electrotechnical enterprises in Halychyna (production of electrical appliances, electricity meters, electric motors and products based on them, telephones and switchboards, electrical products, electrical fittings and etc.). The 1950s: Formation of Lviv television factory (LTF). The first television sets "Lviv" and "Verkhovyna". Resolution of the Council of National Economy Lviv economic region №57 of October 4, 1957 at the successor company "Contact" created Lviv Television Factory (LTF). Director of the factory became S. Petrovskyi. The first TV brand "Lviv" came off the assembly line on Oct. 2, 1957. For TV "Lviv" was first used cathode ray tube of 43 cm (developers: design - K. Shnitser, concept – A. Yuker). TV Series production of "Lviv" started in 1958, from 1959 - Enhanced TV "Lviv-2" on the same circuit and tube. In 1960 created a new production model - "Verkhovyna", which was named the best TV sets in the USSR.

The 1960s : The first TV "Electron"

Lviv constructors successes in the first half of the 60s LTF identified as a key sector in the creation of the first unified TV sets in the country. New models was based on Lviv - "Vohnyk" with kinescope 47 cm and "Electron" with 59 cm kinescope, production of which began in 1963. These models were the base for almost all televisions in the USSR. At the same time, the LTF was established big complex installation, assembly and adjustment work for the production of television sets - 22 conveyor line with aerial system. Except television, launched another high-tech electronic, military and space products,. Factory collaborated with the Institute of Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR in 1967, together with this institution was established automated control system "Lviv", which was later adopted as a standard in several branches of engineering USSR. From 1966 Lviv TVs exported to over 30 countries. In 1968 TV "Electron" and "Vohnyk" first in the industry received State Quality Mark. LTF became the first Soviet enterprise, which began mass production of color television sets - a test batch released in 1968, and from 1970 established mass production of televisions "Electron-703" (the first Soviet series of color TV sets).

The 1970s: "Electron" - the largest producer of television equipment in the USSR

In 1970 on the basis of LTF created Industrial Association "Electron". In the same year the company was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, and 1975 - the Order of the October Revolution.

In 1977 started the construction of an industrial complex "Eleсtron" in the village Riasne and at the same time new microdistrict. In general, the structure IA "Electron", in addition to the main factory's include two large industrial complexes - Riasnyanskyi and Zakarpattia (with branches in Svaliava, Mukachevo, Volovets, Zhdeniievo, Vynohradiv, Mizhhiria). In industrial complexes IA "Electron" factory subordinate Lviv television equipment (production machines, military) special design bureau of TV Technology (1986 - Research Institute television equipment "Electron"), Institute of Informatics and Management "Electron". "Electron" has become the largest manufacturer of television equipment in the country and one of the largest in the world. "Electron" was the undisputed industry leader and the first in the Soviet Union started manufacturing TVs from third to fifth generations.

The 1980s: "Electron" - one of the most powerful industrial associations of Lviv region

In 1986, "Electron" received the right main administration and as the central organization directly subordinated to the Ministry of Radio Industry of the USSR, that was providing unprecedented case of human production enterprise. The maximum number of TV sets produced per year - 1,232,800 pcs. - The company reached in 1990. TV sets "Electron" were the only domestic brand which is exported to Western Europe. "Electron" had their own extensive proprietary network of 450 shopping technocenters from the Baltic to the Pacific, had its own foreign trade company and foreign representations that are implemented and carried out their TVs after-sales service. With special equipment "Electron" produced television equipment for military fleet (for heavy nuclear missile and carrier cruisers, anti-submarine ships), aircraft onboard guidance system of missile weapons class "air-ground" systems homing missile and bomb weapons, aviation laser sighting system etc. At the factory "Electron" was created television equipment for space, aerospace piloting exercise equipment, space flight control center projection equipment, airborne TV sets, orbital space stations "Saliut" and ships series "Union" Soviet-American project "Soyuz-Apollo" international station "Alpha ", unmanned orbital space ship “Buran” "Electron" was one of the most powerful industrial associations of Lviv region. Enterprises Production Association released the 1990 production of 1.5 billion rubles, representing 25% of gross domestic product Lviv region and 4% of gross domestic product of Ukraine. Industrial Association funded a number of socially oriented urban infrastructure development projects of the city. Industrial Association financed a number of socially oriented urban infrastructure development projects of the city. Carried out mass construction of housing for workers and social infrastructure in the microdistrict Ryasne, built water supply line from underground sources from Gologory village to Lviv.

Factory team "Electron" - FC "Karpaty"

Factory team "Electron" FC Karpaty - the first and last in the history of national football team second echelon (group B), which in 1969 won the USSR Cup. Stadium "Druzhba" (now - "Ukraine") also owned and maintained by "Electron". Subsequently, the stadium and the enterprise team gave free to Lviv.

The 1991: Creation of Joint Stock Company “Concern-Electron”

In 1991 "Electron" was one of the first corporations in the USSR and corporatized by the classical and transparent methodology developed with the participation of British experts and scientists from Lviv, in particular prof. V. Pynzenyk. Shares of JSC "Concern-Electron" registered in the Ministry of Finance for the № 1. "Electron" founded one of the first regional commercial banks in Ukraine - "Electron Bank" (Registered by National Bank of Ukraine in 1991, under the № 25), and which has become one of the leading banks in the country (now - JSC "Volksbank").

In mid-1990 the economic situation of "Electron" has deteriorated sharply due to a sharp contraction of the market product sales and a break-established relations, financial and economic crisis in the state. Management was forced to resort to the suspension of TV sets, to resort to drastic restructuring, modernization and technical re-equipment of enterprises - part of the production was eliminated, while others carried the diversification of production and arranged production of new products.


Modern "Electron" actively developing as machine building corporation. The main activities of the corporation are:

Production of electrotransport

Open Joint Ukrainian-German company "Electrontrans" was established in 2011, the corporation "Electron" by TransTec Vetschau GmbH (Germany) and «Avtotekhnoproekt." JV "Electrontrans" - full-scale production company specializing in the design and production of modern urban electrotransport - trams, trolley, buses, electric buses, machinery and spare parts.This modern machine-building plant with flexible manufacturing technology that today produces tramcars for tracks of different widths - and - that not only cities in Ukraine, but also for export - the CIS countries and the European Union.

JV "Electrontrans" manufactured the first in Ukraine and in CIS fully low floor tram "Electron T5L64», that the technical level of modern European requirements for urban electric transport, including on the level of safety and comfort. Enterprise also developed a 12-meter advanced low-floor trolley "Electron T19101."

Production of special vehicles

Factory "Electronmash" - the modern corporation engineering enterprise "Electron", specializing in the production of special wheel drive off-road vehicles Electron - multi-purpose vehicles for municipal services and ambulances. Municipal "Electron" produced now - a universal wheel drive mechanical systems for municipal utilities, equipped with interchangeable sets of bodies and attachments. One such vehicle replaces several traditional communal machines. Cars "Electron" have no analogues in the CIS. Special off-road four-wheel drive ambulances "Electron" - is shipping terrain with a set of medical apparatus and emergency vehicles created for urgent medicine and disaster medicine in difficult road conditions, in particular in rural and mountainous areas.

Climate systems for vehicles

JV "Sferos-Electron" is the only producer in Ukraine climate systems for motor vehicles, various types of liquid heaters for buses, trucks and commercial vehicles, construction and special equipment. The company also provides manufacturers with air conditioning, electro-mechanical and mechanical vents for all types of city and tourist buses, receivers for pneumatic brake systems and vehicle fuel tanks of various sizes and capacity, steering column.

Materials for electronics

Scientific Research Company "Carat" - a subsidiary corporation "Electron" is the leading scientific institutions for scientific and technical support in the direction of "Materials of electronic equipment." The main activity SPE "Karat" is a research, development of technologies for advanced materials for the needs of micro and Electronics, magnetoelectronics, acousto- and optoelectronics, linear and nonlinear optics, magnetooptics, quantum electronics, sensory, Cryoelectronics, electroceramics, optoelectronic devices, etc. . Recognition of achievements SPE "Carat" technologies in growing single crystals of complex oxides was his participation in the international project of the European Center for Nuclear Research (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) in Switzerland - the creation of the Large Hadron Collider, for which the company manufactured a single crystal materials detectors of electromagnetic radiation.

4 Doctors of Science and 7 PhDs work at the SRC «Carat», some basic science schools, which are well known over the world scientific community. A branch of the Semiconductor Electronics Department of the «Lviv’s Politechnics» National University is established at the Company. Presenting modern scientific ideas and searches in the field of materials science at international conferences and symposiums the «Carat’s» scientists present with dignity our country. The SRC «Carat» is one of founders of the Joint Stock Company «Scientific Production Concern «Science», the main activity of which is realization of scientific and technological potentialities of Ukrainian materials science institutions in the field of high and ultimate technologies.

The company organized the first and only in Ukraine world-class manufacturing thin film heteroepitaxial structures with nanoscale active layers for the needs of solid-state electronics.

Polymer Industry

Factory "Polymer-Electron" - a subsidiary corporation "Electron", whose main activities are plastic, polystyrene, instrumental and non-standard production. The company is one of the most powerful in Ukraine. Factory production is highly appreciated by many domestic and foreign companies: Coca-Cola, InBev, Carlsberg Group, Panasonic, Electrolux, Flextronics, Eurogold, Taiko Electronics and others.

Manufacture of low power electric motors

Factory "ElectronPobutPrylad" - a leading specialized company Ukraine mass production of collector engines AC and DC power of 500 W for various industries, including the railway and urban transport, automotive industry and home appliances, and others.

Special equipment

Development, production, modernization and repair of radio-electronic equipment for military use.

Consumer electronics

Modern television production Production of LCD TVs "Electron" and electrical engineering.


Services of the financial and operational (rent) lease. Sports and recreational services. Manufacture and Installation of metaloplastic designs (windows, doors, etc.). Packaging of loose food products. Repair and maintenance of vehicles. Telephone and other communications.


Tool production. Laser cutting of metal, general and specialized real metal. Painting of products, including large-sized.


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