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Electoral district of Ovens

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State  Victoria
Abolished  1927
Demographic  Rural
Date dissolved  1927
Created  1856
Namesake  The Ovens
Founded  1856
Electoral district of Ovens

Ovens (or The Ovens) was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Victoria from 1856 to 1927. It was based in northern Victoria, bordered by the Ovens River in the south-west and included the town of Beechworth, Victoria.

The district of Ovens was one of the initial districts of the first Victorian Legislative Assembly, 1856. It was defined in the Victorian Constitution Act 1855 (taking effect at the 1856 elections) as:

Ovens was superseded by Electoral district of Wangaratta and Ovens in 1927.

Members for Ovens

One member initially, two from the increase in members of 1859. One again from the redistribution of 1889 when the Electoral district of Wangaratta and Rutherglen, amongst others, was created.

b = by-election

Daniel Cameron was also member for Ovens in the unicameral Victorian Legislative Council December 1855 to March 1856.


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