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Elected Authorities (Northern Ireland) Act 1989

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Citation  1989 c. 3
Royal assent  15 March 1989
Elected Authorities (Northern Ireland) Act 1989
Long title  An Act to amend the law relating to the franchise at elections to district councils in Northern Ireland, to make provision in relation to a declaration against terrorism to be made by candidates at such elections and at elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly and by persons co-opted as members of district councils, to amend sections 3 and 4 of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972, and for connected purposes.

The Elected Authorities (Northern Ireland) Act 1989 was a law that required candidates for election in local and Northern Ireland Assembly declare they would not, by word or deed, express support for or approval of proscribed organisations or acts of terrorism (that is to say, violence for political ends).

It had the effect of disqualifying numerous candidates in the 1989 Northern Ireland local government elections, particularly 23 candidates of the Republican Sinn Féin (RSF).


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