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Elean power station

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Country  England
Status  Operational
Operator(s)  EPR Ely Ltd
Opened  December 2000
Location  Sutton, Cambridgeshire
Commission date  December 2000
Primary fuel  Straw
Owner  EPR Ely Ltd
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Elean power station is a straw-fired biomass power station in Cambridgeshire, England. At a capacity of 38 MW, it was the largest straw-fired power plant in the world at the time of its completion. The power station was constructed between 1998 and 2000 by FLS Miljo and is operated by EPR Ely Ltd. It generates 270 GWh of electricity from 200,000 tonnes of biomass annually, supplied by Anglian Straw Ltd. Straw is the major fuel of the plant, but oilseed rape and the energy crop Miscanthus are also used, as well as some natural gas.

In 2011, the company owning the plant were fined £120,000 after an accident during the unloading of a straw bale lead to the death of a delivery driver. Later the same year Elean was affected by an arson attack on stacks of straw that were destined to be used at the plant.


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