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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Insecta
Superfamily  Tephritoidea
Scientific name  Elassogaster
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Diptera
Family  Platystomatidae
Rank  Genus
People also search for  Lamprogaster, Plagiostenopterina, Euprosopia, Rivellia, Platystomatidae

Elassogaster is a genus of scavenger flies (Diptera) belonging to the family Platystomatidae. They are native to warm regions of Africa, Madagascar and Australia.

They have rounded heads with red eyes, a shiny green thorax and a dark stigma on the wing tips. Adults frequent the vicinity of dung or carcasses, where they walk while constantly waving their wings. The larvae develop in dung.


The species include:

  • Elassogaster aerea
  • Elassogaster anteapicalis
  • Elassogaster arcuata
  • Elassogaster brachialis
  • Elassogaster calida
  • Elassogaster didyma
  • Elassogaster didymoides
  • Elassogaster flavipes
  • Elassogaster floresana
  • Elassogaster hilgendorfi
  • Elassogaster hyalipennis
  • Elassogaster immaculata
  • Elassogaster inflexa
  • Elassogaster linearis
  • Elassogaster metallica
  • Elassogaster nigripes
  • Elassogaster potens
  • Elassogaster pulla
  • Elassogaster quadrimaculata
  • Elassogaster rutila
  • Elassogaster sangiensis
  • Elassogaster signatipes
  • Elassogaster sordida
  • Elassogaster sordidus
  • Elassogaster vanderwulpi
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