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Elaeodendron melanocarpum

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Kingdom  Plantae
Genus  Elaeodendron
Order  Celastrales
Family  Celastraceae
Rank  Species
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Similar  Elaeodendron, Elaeodendron australe, Celastrales, Celastraceae

Elaeodendron melanocarpum is a species of shrubs or small trees endemic to northern Australia. The natural range extends from The Kimberley across The Top End to Cape York Peninsula and southwards to South East Queensland. The species occurs in monsoon forest and drier types of rainforests, commonly along streams.

E. melanocarpum was previously included in the Cassine genus, however, now it is considered that only three African species belong to Cassine.


Elaeodendron melanocarpum can grow as a small trees up to 15 m tall, however the more common growth form is a straggly shrub growing in rocky locales. The glossy green leaves are opposite, and oval or elliptical in shape. Flowers are small and white, with separate male and female flowers. Fruits are black and fleshy, up to 2 cm long, with a stony endocarp. Overall the fruit resembles an olive or a small plum, and this is the origin of the common names for of Olive Plum, False Olive and Black Olive.


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