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Eimeria acervulina

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Domain  Eukaryota
Order  Eucoccidiorida
Genus  Eimeria
Higher classification  Eimeria
Phylum  Apicomplexa
Family  Eimeriidae
Scientific name  Eimeria acervulina
Rank  Species
Eimeria acervulina httpsimageslidesharecdncomcoccidias20070910
Similar  Eimeria, Eimeria tenella, Coccidia, Apicomplexa, Eimeriidae

Eimeria acervulina is a species of Eimeria that causes coccidiosis in older poultry. Lesions are limited to the anterior or first third of the small intestine. Diagnosis is made by on necropsy based on location and the pathognomic white to gray striations that appear on the mucosa or inner surface of the small intestine. Scrapings of the mucosa from diseased birds can reveal oocysts.


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