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E11 (Janice Vidal album)

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Recorded  2013–2014
Artist  Janice Vidal
Label  Amusic
Length  43mins
Release date  28 November 2014
Genre  Cantopop
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Released  28 November 2014 (Hong Kong)
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Janice m vidal e11

E11 is a 2014 album by Hong Kong musician Janice Vidal.


Janice e11

Track listing

  1. 錯過你 "Miss You"
  2. 八九十 "Ninety Eight"
  3. "You're Always Everything to Me"
  4. 自首 "Surrender"
  5. 激光中 "Laser Light"
  6. "You Go I Go"
  7. 長痛短痛 "Short Pain Long Pain"
  8. 分手總要在雨天 "Always Break in the Rain"
  9. 原來你甚麼都想要 "So You Want Everything"
  10. 情人甲 "Methanesulfonic Lover" (Duet with Andy Hui)
  11. "All You Get from Love is a Love Song"


You're Always Everything To Me4:06
You Go I Go3:56
All You Get From Love Is A Love Song3:47


E11 (Janice Vidal album) Wikipedia

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